Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Somebody's watching me..


Anyone remember the rest of those lyrics.. well that song is sticking in my head for some reason. Seems this past week of being chased around the internet by a group of cyberstalkers has got me singing in my head alot. Anyone know any good songs?

Now.. for the next installment of what's been going on in the past 2-3 days... I'm being chased by a group that includes police officers and computer experts. I'm trying to keep all my friends out of it. But when they start talking in code like they think it's some kind of divinci code or something.. about sending viruses to my friends computers.. that's just nasty rotten stuff. I'd like everyone watching me to stand clear. And Craig.. don't do the grunt work yourself.. tell your puppet master not to send a boy to do a mans job. OK? You're just too easy to trap. NOt like the rats aren't always the frist to be seen.. but the bigger they are the easier they are to take down. You want to keep stalking me.. leave my friends out of it.

"The Master of Disaster,"
"The King of Sting,"
"The Dancing Destroyer,"
"The Count of Monte Fisto"
"The One, The Only"

Anyways.. whenever you guys need some valuable words of advice.. just look for Country Gma's words of wisdom.. she was far smarter than the whole lot of ya. http://www.idigmygarden.com/forums/group.php?groupid=18

And now the truth is starting to reveal itself. And no folks.. i'm not talking with any ghosts..

Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything.

I'll follow your words of wisdom anyday too.. just be carefull who watches what you say over there. Alot of you others too.. you have no idea how long this has been going on. It goes back years. Do your own investigation and see who's been chasing you all the time. It's easy. Just post.. then wait 5 minutes and take a screenshot of the people reading that post. So simple a 12 yo could do it.

Between the two, my life flows. - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
When a voice in your ear, speaks of faith, not of fear,
and tells you to go be a doer... Give heed to the voice that makes
Love your first choice, and throw protocol down the sewer. - Johnny Hart's BC 1989
If they were right, I'd agree- but it's them they know, not me - Cat Stevens

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